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Optimize: Restore Energy, Stamina & Vitality
Item Number: Optimize
Optimize: Restore Energy, Stamina & Vitality

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When you are feeling lethargic and worn down, Optimize can help to restore energy, provide stamina and increase vitality.The ingredients in this MultiDimensional formula have been shown to naturally:

1. Help pen up, enhance and stimulate the body's own energy pathways
2. Help flush cellular wastes impeding the flow of energy within the body
3. Help break down the body's own energy reserves
The dosage for Optimize 
60 capsules per bottle.(Adults or Children) Take 3-4 capsules in the morning and afternoon, or as directed by a physician. (Adults or Children) Take 2 capsules every morning and mid-afternoon for maintenance. 

The ingredients for Optimize
Potassium Aspartate,  Bee Pollen,  Ginkgo Biloba,  L-Aspartic Acid,  L-Glutamine,  Guarana,  Choline Bitartrate,  Fructus Bardenae (Nu Pong),  Magnesium,  Siberian Ginseng,  Gotu Kola,  Borago Officinalis,  Pantothenic Acid-B5,  Fo-Ti,  PABA,  Niacinamide-B3,  Pyridoxine HCL-B6,  Riboflavin-B2,  Thiamine-B1,  OptiZinc,  Homeopathics:,  Betula alba,  Quercus robur,  Arnica montana,  Avena sativa,  Cinchona officinalis,  Cocculus indicus,  Fucus vesiculosus,  Medicago sativa,  Damiana.

  Optimize's NDC# is 65900-0183-3 
The lack of specific nutrients and the build-up of free radicals and cellular wastes both interfere with the body's ability to access and break down energy stores, subsequently causing feelings of tiredness and lethargy...

Daily stress and problems can really wear us down and "sap" us of the energy that we need. When times demand more energy, more concentration and more personal involvement, that's when Växa's Optimize should be used.

Often times, the body may have energy stores that it simply cannot use because other nutritional deficiencies impede the efficient breakdown of said stores. When you think about it, it's really a shame. We may have the energy reserves, but simply can't get at it appropriately, lacking the necessary biomolecules which unimpede the efficient workings of our biochemistry. Optimize is a unique homeopathic medicinal which specifically addresses the body's needs for more energy, prompting the body to nutritionally use the resources it has without adding caloric content to the body itself, nutritionally helping to fill in the missing pieces of our bodies biochemistry so that stored energies can be processed and mental alertness can be increased.. Optimize is designed to work with your body, complementing the body's natural abilities to use all stored energy resources while also supplying a bevy of nutrients to sustain the body's metabolism.
Formula Highlights
Optimize is a Scientific Formulation of Natural Ingredients Including:

Potassium Aspartate: An electrolyte thought to restore energy to the body and clarity to the mind.

Ginkgo Biloba: An important antioxidant that contains biochemicals that help to increase efficiencies of brain energy metabolism, and supplies nutrition to the important energy centers of the body.

L-Aspartic Acid: An amino acid intricately involved with the body's two most important biochemical pathways: the Urea Cycle (involved with nitrogen metabolism) and the Krebs Cycle (involved with carbohydrate metabolism), and often found lacking during times of stress and athletic performance.

Energizing Foods (Bee Pollen, Paulinia Cupana, Siberian Ginseng & More): Contain peptides and phytochemicals that aid in increasing energy levels and vitality, and improve energy uses within the body.

Nu Pong (Fructus Bardenae): An herb used throughout Asia to eradicate inappropriate materials stored within the body and stimulate energy centers.

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