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Article On Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD. Article On Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD.   NEW!!!

Is Our Hypervigilance Against Dietary Fats Hurting Our Children?

The New Signs of Fatty Acid Starvation In Our Young.

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According to the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Information Center, 3% to 10% of the U.S. population is affected with ADD and its many forms (ADHD/LD). As a result, an estimated 20 million children may be placed on activity-modifying drugs like Methlyphenidate before the year 2000.

ADD-specific pharmaceuticals have been suspected of retarding growth of ADD individuals, which ironically is the last thing you would want to do with individuals who have been neurally limited! Amphetamines, antidepressants or anticonvulsants normally prescribed for ADD have been shown to detrimentally diminish cognitive activity and exhibit harmful side effects, such as nervousness, insomnia and anorexia.

Are ADD Drugs Being Overprescribed?
Attention Deficit is big business in the U.S. where therapies for ADD/ADHD have reached $2 billion. In Europe, Attention Deficit diagnosis is only one-tenth as common as it is in the U.S., and in Japan, the disorder has barely been noted. Consumption of the mood-altering drug Methlyphenidate in the U.S. versus the rest of the world has become so disparate that the Vienna-based International Narcotics Control Board has asked American authorities to monitor it to be certain it is being properly prescribed.

Is it ADD or Normal Kid Behavior?
Is your child fidgety? Does he interrupt? Is he loud and unruly? Then, according to some groups, your child suffers from attention deficit disorder. Yet other groups contend that this describes normal, albeit undisciplined, child behavior, especially for little boys who historically are more loud and rambunctious than little girls. Some physicians are concerned that little boys are being put on Methlyphenidate for acting like little boys: among children under the age of 16, boys account for 80% of Methlyphenidate consumption.

Is Methlyphenidate being prescribed for children who truly need it or more often as a quick fix for frazzled parents? As the parent of a child exhibiting ADD symptoms, you need to understand what is happening within your child to possibly be causing such behavior, and also explore all available alternatives for getting your child the help he or she needs.

What is Attention Deficit?
Attention Deficit (and its many forms: ADD/ADHD/LD) is a dysfunction of the Central Nervous System (CNS), most specifically the Reticular Activating System, which results in difficulty maintaining attention, concentrating, learning and remembering, as well as processing and sorting out incoming information or stimulus from both an individual's inner (subjective) and outer (objective) worlds. It may manifest itself in undue passivity or inattentiveness, or unruly, uncontrollable, aggressive hyperactivity. Attention Deficit is often overly frustrating, overwhelming and stressful to affected individuals, resulting in significant emotional and psychological problems. Thus, Attention Deficit globally interferes with all forms of learning, both academic and experiential, including the processes of socialization.

The Causes Of Attention Deficit
Attention Deficit is a limiting metabolic dysfunction of the Reticular Activating System, the center of consciousness that coordinates learning and memory, and which normally supplies the appropriate neural connections necessary for smooth information processing and clear, non-stressful attention. This metabolic dysfunction first restricts the development of neural connections (the "wiring hardware") an
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Bioavailability of Amino Acids, Proteins, Other Facts. Bioavailability of Amino Acids, Proteins, Other Facts.

What Are Amino Acids?

Free form amino acids are the basis of the Nutraceuticals found in the Växa Product Line. Remember, they are considered the first and most fundamental Biofactor of all life. So, let us turn our attention to the understanding of what amino acids really are and what they have to do with the health and welfare of our body and mind. As we do so, we will learn that amino acids are of treasured importance to our general health and overall welfare. We will learn how powerful these substances actually are, and how without them, life as we know it could not exist.

The Body’s Dependence on Amino Acids:
Amino acids are the most important chemical substances known to life - and, indeed, they are the most abundant. Our body has about 20 times more amino acids than vitamins (which are in fact particular complex forms of amino acids) and approximately 4 times more amino acids than minerals. Amino acids are usually found attached and configured with one another. Joined together like this, they are called proteins; in fact, amino acids are the essential building blocks of proteins. As proteins, they constitute as much as three quarters of our body mass, with the exclusion of water.

The pattern of their configuration, i.e., the sequence in which they are arranged, yield a variety of different patterns and structures for some 50,000 different protein-parts of the body. Without amino acids, and all that they do, we simply could not live. Thus, amino acids are life sustaining; their supplementation is generally nontoxic, being less harmful than vitamins. They are a fundamental food, substances on which all common foods are made, and on which all life relies.

Amino Acids are vital to our HEALTH AND WELFARE. Either in their free form (singlets) or in small single-trained peptide chains (couplets), they are the critical substances which govern all life, being the fundamental constituent of all life. They are the crucial substances which allow us to function and exist. In fact, AMINO ACIDS will be to the HEALTH INDUSTRY what the “COMPUTER CHIP” was to the ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY. AMINO ACIDS are just that IMPORTANT AND REVOLUTIONARY.

Amino acid based supplements, the most powerful natural substances known to life, help promote what is being hailed within the scientific community as the greatest health advantage of our century. And we, here at Växa, are proud to play a part, if not help lead, in this activity.

Thankfully, today, because of advanced research and technologies, amino acids are cost effective to produce for the general public. But just 25 years ago, a small 150 cc bottle (about ½ cup) of an amino acid cost as much as $20,000.00. Because they were so extremely expensive, no one could afford to use them in research, or even begin to understand how powerful they really were, much less supplement their diet with them. Yet now, thanks to recent breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques, all of that has changed. Research has demonstrated how powerfully effective they are in governing the body’s welfare. And, like the “computer chip,” amino acids are finally inexpensive enough for the public to buy.

Also like the “computer chip,” the effectiveness of amino acids will be common knowledge and commonly used IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN THE CIVILIZED WORLD. Because of their superior safety and potency, their use will be more common than vitamins and effectively compete with many over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies for a host of common ailments. So, let us see what all this ex
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Homeopathic Nutritional Supplements. Homeopathic Nutritional Supplements.
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 The power of Nature’s Medicine plus Biospecific Nutraceuticals together for the first time....

• The Body is the most remarkable, if not miraculous, mechanism in the world. It effortlessly coordinates trillions of cellular functions and neuro-biochemical pathways. The intricacies are astounding, the biochemical harmonies beautiful, the symphonic actions wondrous and truly awe inspiring. For the past 30 years, research has slowly and methodically begun to understand the myriad of interdependent functions within the body... how it works, why it becomes “broken” or sick, and how it has the ability to heal and remedy it’s own dysfunction. Just a few years ago, two very important things became evident.

• In order for the Body to work its miracles of self-healing and regeneration, first, specific cellular electromagnetic instructions and directions of regeneration must be consistently conveyed from one cell to another. And second, specific arrays of critical nutritional building materials had to be present and biologically available upon which those cellular instructions may then act, and from which reconstruction and regeneration may take place.

• When specific cellular instructions were lacking, and when nutritional shortages were found, the body would intelligently and systematically begin to shut down less important functions within itself, economizing available nutrients to serve the most important life-sustaining processes. When that happened, life’s intensity would dwindle, premature aging would begin, and the onset of disease became certain. And conversely, when essential cellular instructions were easily and abundantly communicated, and when specific arrays of nutritional materials were provided in abundance on which those instructions could act, the results were astounding. The Body would respond by “switching on” previously shut-down functions, re-initiating entire biosystems and bringing them back “on-line,” accelerating natural regenerative processes and restoring optimal function throughout the Body.

• Now for the first time, it’s possible to receive these two critically essential components for life in what Växa uniquely calls a Homeopathic Nutraceutical, a special combination of all Natural Homeopathic Medicines and Nutritionally-Based Nutraceuticals.
In each Växa Homeopathic Nutraceutical formula, Homeopathic Medicinal Strategies, providing “executive” decisions for the body in directing the body to actually initiate the process of healing and growth, are combined with Nutritionally-Based Nutraceutical Strategies, included to ensure that the essential array of needed raw nutritional materials (containing all 3 Biofactors of Life) are provided for the optimal execution of the Homeopathic Medicinal directive.

• Finally, the power of Nature’s Medicine and Nutrition together in the same capsule for the first time... formulas neurochemically specific enough to target an array of debilitating illnesses and dietary deficiencies with pinpoint accuracy. Backed by more than 30 years of research, Växa provides the most advanced medicinally based Nutraceutical formulations in the world. And, each offers a no-nonsense 30-Day guarantee... what other “medicine” offers that?

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         Article On Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD.
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  • Illness Recovery Strategies. Illness Recovery Strategies.
     All of our bodies work a little differently from each other. We age differently, react to illness and stress differently, and are different in our capacities to extract, utilize and store nutritional materials from the foods we eat. Our bodies are like supermarkets. They constantly need their shelves to be restocked in order to supply all the needed materials to their functions and millions of biosystems. Generally, as we get older, our nutritional stores become depleted and it becomes harder to restock our shelves with just the foods we eat.

    No matter how good our diet may be, the chances are that we are not efficiently assimilating the nutrients we need as we grow older. Poor assimilation of nutrients (malabsorption) may be due to a poor diet or just an increasing inability to extract the nutrients from the foods we eat, but nonetheless, when nutrients are in short supply and can no longer be found on the supermarket's shelves of the body, parts of our nutritionally-dependent biochemistry will slow down, stall and even stop altogether.

    When nutritional shortages are experienced throughout the body, they in turn put pressure on a number of biosystems and biochemical pathways to become less efficient. Although the body begins to try to compensate for these shortages, by "robbing Peter to pay Paul" in rationing out nutrients to preferred biosystems which are determined to be more life essential and life sustaining, little can be done if the shortages continue for any length of time and there are no recovery strategies. As more subsystems within the body are shut down, "life" begins to lose its vitality and interest for us, our Immune System weakens and the possibility of serious disease becomes certain.

    Therefore, it is vitally essential that specific restocking or reloading strategies be practiced by those of us who are in relatively good health now and wish to remain so, and a second strategy for those of us who have suffered from serious illness in the recent past and need our nutritional shelves to be restocked.

    General Restocking & Reloading Strategies:

    When beginning any new Nutraceutical, it's often best to increase the usual dosage, or that which is recommended on the bottle, for the first 7-14 days in order to restock and reload the nutritional shelves of the body. Restocking and reloading are nutritional strategies which are similar to "priming" a pump so that it can begin to draw up the water in a well. If we don't "prime" the pump first, then it's likely the pump just won't work. Similarly, restocking and reloading are strategies which aim at supplying particular nutrients to selected areas of the biochemistry of our body. If we don't first amply restore the needed nutrients to our "shelves," the body's biochemistry will not function correctly, believing it still has to "rob Peter to pay Paul." Upon restocking our nutritional "shelves," the body may then direct its activities in fulfilling its list of priorities by refurbishing and reestablishing many of its preferred/life dependent biochemical pathways to those of less priority. Only when the "shelves" have been appropriately restocked will the body ensure that all priorities are fulfilled. Restocking also ensures that any possible biochemical "hole" or weakness in our nutritional makeup is filled in so as to prevent future biochemical stalls.

    In general, restocking and reloading strategies simply call for the doubling (2x) of the normal recommended dose for a period of 7-14 days. After that time, resume maintenance dosages as can be found on the bottle's directions for use.

    Illness & Recovery Strategies:

    When a body has been ill for ex
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    Oral Chelation Health-Pac Program. Oral Chelation Health-Pac Program.

    Cardiovascular Cleansing System

    [ Buffer-pH+, TriCardia+, Systemex & Medical pH-Test Strips ]
    Växa’s 3-Step Cardiovascular Cleansing System
    Meeting the Criteria for Physicians, Pharmacists and Health Professionals.
    Electromagnetically Active.TM

     Step 1: Buffer-pH+ (Systemic Alkalizing Formula) Dosage: 4 caps daily for 3 months.

    • (1) Essential ionic preparation for effective chelation.
    • (2) Helps stop ongoing plaque formation and weakening of vascular tissue.
    • (3) Helps loosen and unlock Heavy Metals/Pathological Minerals from Cholesterol Plaque, allowing them to be chelated & removed.
    • (4) Helps keep free Heavy Metals/Pathological Minerals from bonding, thus increasing chelation efficiency.
    • (5) Helps off-load acids from extracellular spaces and interstitial fluids to kidneys with increased efficiency.
    • (6) Helps prepare and support flushing of Lymphatic System while improving Immune System activity.

    Step 2: TriCardia+ (Proactive EDTA Oral Chelation Formula) Dosage: 4 caps 3x daily for 3 months.
    (For sensitive individuals, begin slowly working up to full dosage)

    • (1) Chelates most dangerous heavy metals and minerals and eliminates them (including lead, mercury, pathological calcium, etc).
    • (2) Helps dissolve and remove acidic calcified plaque, clots and vascular debris to prevent stroke safely with digestive enzymes.
    • (3) Helps cleanse and detoxify the Liver, supports tissue regeneration and improves chelation efficiency.
    • (4) Helps cleanse and detoxify the Kidneys, supports tissue regeneration and improves chelation and urinary efficiency.
    • (5) Helps flush Gallbladder and Lymphatic tissues.
    • (6) Helps dissolve Kidney Stones and Gallstones.
    • (7) Helps eliminate dangerous Homocysteine buildup.
    • (8) Provides 2 grams of 31 Free Form Chelating Amino Acids, also buffers excess ammonia (NH4) release in kidneys.
    • (9) Provides 1.5 grams of EDTA per dose in 12 capsules per day.
    • (10) Provides a full spectrum of mineral ascorbates, phytomedicinals and free radical and other heavy metal scavengers.
    • (11) Includes DMAE to help dissolve lipofuscin (rancid fats/precursor to amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s) in Cardiovascular and Central Nervous System.
    • (12) No known contraindications with other prescriptives.

    Step 3: Systemex (Cardiovascular Heart Smart Formula) Dosage: 6 servings per week for 3 months.
    (As a meal replacement)

    • (1) Simply the best Proactive Nutritional Cardiovascular Life Formula on the market -- completely assimilable!
    • (2) Supports the strengthening, repair and regeneration of Cardiovascular, Liver and Kidney tissues as chelation is affected.
    • (3) Assures Oral Chelation efficiency and long-lasting effectiveness without disruption to Immune System.
    • (4) Provides HMB, Glycosaminoglycans, Mesoglycans, Omega-3’s and -6’s needed for quick tissue repair of the sustained injuries, micro-tears and lesions within the tissues of the heart, arteries and veins caused by previous plaque buildup.
    • (5) Provides 20 grams of TrioteinTM Protein consisting of 100% predigested hydrolyzed whey peptides, and immune-building colostrum and casein peptides, including aS1, aS2, b and x caseins which help keep calcium in soluble form and, most importantly, from being redeposited as plaque within previously damaged arterial and venous walls, or form the basis of unwanted kidney stones.
    • (6) Provides essential systemic support for the body’s other systems during chelation, avoiding toxic feedback.
    • (7) Provides Betaine to further help in the elimination of dangerous Homocysteine buildup.
    • (8) Plus: Pr
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    The Blinding Truth About Nutritional Supplements. The Blinding Truth About Nutritional Supplements.
     Is Nutritional Supplementation Necessary For Healing And Health?Yes! A well controlled study performed at the Shriners Burn Trauma Center at the University of Cincinnati Medical School demonstrated conclusively, that burn trauma victims (children experiencing severe burns over 60% of their bodies) fared far better when given extra nutritional supplementation over and above the normal "well balanced diet" generally prescribed by practitioners.(2)100% of those children receiving the extra supplementation lived, whereas tragically, 44% died of those children who were given the regular, traditional, medically and so called nutritionally balanced diet alone. The scientists stated that, "to our knowledge, this is the first controlled study to demonstrate what has been suspected and accepted for some time, that nutritional intervention improves survival... It may well be that fortification of the diet with still greater quantities of protein or with selected amino acids may further improve these variables." (3)

    If A Medically Controlled Diet Is Insufficient, What About The Average American Diet? It's worse! Authorities now agree that the average American diet no longer provides the needed nutrition for a foundation of good health.(17) Half of all foods eaten in America are overly processed convenience foods known to have little if any nutrient value.(15,16) Forty percent of middle class American children are severely malnourished, and adults fare far worse, upwards to 90%.(17) Both children and adults choose to eat for taste, cost and convenience. Coffee, white bread and sugar are the most popular, most consumed foods; adults consume mostly white bread and crackers.(3,4)

    Aren't We Assured Of Getting Our Nutritional Needs Met By Getting All The RDI's? No, not at all! And even if you think you're getting all your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI's), the RDI's are really only "guesstimates of unknown reliability" as admitted by one Harvard Professor who sits on the esteemed blue-ribbon panel of RDI scientists who originally established and defined for us the whole concept of RDI's.(10) Moreover, the RDI board readily admits its values are not meant to create "optimal health," in that the RDI's are only the suggested "minimum " or "adequate" daily requirements, or that which provides for "normal" health in most people, not the "optimum."(13,14)

    So, What Is "Normal" or "Adequate" Anyway? Most people get confused as to what "normal" or "adequate" really is, thinking that it means the "best" or "optimal." But when used scientifically, "normal" or "adequate" generally defines only that which is statistically "average," "common," or what most people experience (as in RDI's above). Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of possible misinterpretations. For instance, researchers from the Journal of the American Medical Association point out that the generally accepted "normal" or "average" serum cholesterol level in an older adult male is not healthy at all, rather it is indicative of a high risk for coronary heart disease.(13) The fact that this cholesterol level is "normal" only suggests that this is "what most males experience," obviously not the "best" or "preferred" levels for optimal health! Similarly, "normal" or "adequate " with regards to nutrition does not suggest that such will cause the "best" or "optimal" health that people can, could or should exper
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    Three Biofactors of Life. Three Biofactors of Life.
    The 3 Biofactors of Life -The Essence of Life
     • Since 1987, Växa’s Nutraceutical Formulations have been the dietary supplements of choice of Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors and Health Professionals across the nation... Växa: It’s not a new name in Natural Health Care, it’s simply the best name in Natural Health Care!

    Micro-nutritionals plus Nutraceuticals:
    • Växa's formulas are unique in that they combine the power of Micro-nutritionals with Nutraceuticals..., all in one capsule. The result is what is called a Växa Advanced Nutraceutical.

    While the micro-nutritional portion of each formulation directly stimulates the body to generate and heal itself, the Nutraceutical portion supplies the essential 3 BioFactors of life, building materials which are needed for that specific healing and regeneration to take place.

    Total Natural Health care has finally arrived! Besides each formula offering specific Micro-nutritionals, each also supplies the 3 critically essential categories of biological building materials, or “BioFactors of Life,” needed in any regenerative function within the body. Science has shown that the presence of these 3 forms of biological materials, or macromolecules, are critical for the continuation of all life functions including respiration, growth, reproduction and maintenance of all tissues and organs, biochemical pathways and neurotransmissions. Quite simply without all 3 BioFactors of Life present, life as we know it would cease to exist. Coupling these biofactors with natural micro-nutritionals ensures a specificity previously unheard of in medicine.

    Växa also offers an incredible line of encapsulated Advanced Nutraceuticals and powerful Nutritional Drinks complete with 100% or more of All USRDI’s of Vitamins and Minerals, all containing the 3 essential BioFactors of Life.

    BioFactor I -- Free Form Amino Acids:

    The 1st Essential Building Block of Life:
    Pharmaceutical Grade & Bioavailable Free Form Amino Acids supply the first stage of fundamental building materials for the body, necessary for the production and maintenance of neurotransmitters, biochemical transfer agents, transamination processing, enzymes, essential small and simple intermediary peptides and proteins.

    BioFactor II -- Herbal Biopeptides:

    The 2nd Essential Building Block of Life:
    Building upon the foundation of specific Free Form Amino Acids, essential Phytochemicals and Biopeptides supply the second stage of necessary biological materials in the form of critical macromolecules, protein precursors, peptides and associated cofactors derived from Botanicals and Herbs, necessary for the building and maintenance of the larger families of complex proteins, prostaglandins and hormones.

    BioFactor III -- Synergistic Agents:

    The 3rd Essential Building Block of Life:
    Needed Vitamins, Minerals, Bioflavanoids, Coenzymes, Essential Fatty Acids, AntiOxidants, and other Synergistic Cofactors are the third stage of building materials needed, being the biochemical catalysts and metabolites of the body which act to ensure and enhance the critically essential interactivity of BioFactors I & II necessary for ongoing biological growth and cellular reconstruction.

    Biochemically-Specific Formulas for Biochemically Specific Dysfunctions:

    • Växa does not subscribe to the unrealistic and wrong notion of “one key fits all locks;” rather Växa has different “keys” (or formulas) for the many different “locks” (or biochemical pathways) within the body. Each Växa formula “unlocks” different pathways and addresses different biochemical shortages, dysfunctions, and subsequent neurobiochemical irregularities.
    • Don’t be fooled... Such biochemical shortages a
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    Using Homeopathic Nutraceuticals. Using Homeopathic Nutraceuticals.

    Using Homeopathic Nutraceuticals

     Product Combinations? No Problem!

    It is uncommon that an individual’s health has been compromised by only one malady or problem. Usually more than one dysfunction is occurring in our biochemistry. Usually more than one problem exists in our metabolism. Over time one difficulty in one biochemical pathway breeds deterioration in another, which then escalates to yet another, causing a family of multiple dysfunctions and related symptoms. As one particular problem remains unchecked, and because of the interdependence of the body’s metabolism, other troubles are often exacerbated, if not caused by still others.

    THE RESULT: An individual usually has more than one complaint about their health. This fact of one complication leading to others necessitates the use of a combination of nutritional strategies for most of us. THE ENTIRE Växa PRODUCT LINE has been especially designed with that in mind. ANY and ALL of Växa’s formulas can be usefully matched and combined to suit a person’s particular nutritional needs. Any combination of nutritional supplementation is allowed. Because of the unique formulations of each product, as well as the body’s attribute of biochemical specificity and selectivity, one nutritional supplement will not interfere with another, nor one Homeopathic with another.

    The bottom line is that Växa’s formulas are safe when used in an additive capacity. One will not compromise another’s nutritional usefulness. The only stipulation should be in making certain that those formulas specifically designed to be used at night are not used during the day time, such as NITE-REST, NITE-LITE and PM ReGenHgH as they help the body nutritionally and biochemically prepare for sleep. And conversely, MEMORIN+, OPTIMIZE and AM Regen HgH formulas should not be used before retiring as they may make it difficult for you to sleep, giving the body certain nutrients to help utilize energy resources. All else may be used in the morning or evening, according to each individual’s needs and desires. Generally, each group of formulas within each general category can be used advantageously together. Cross-combinations of formulas are also very effective and nutritionally beneficial.

    Quick, Easy Digestion and Immediate Assimilation

    Växa Formulations, being so pure, biologically available and unadulterated, are immediately ingested and made available for absorption into the body without the need of formal digestion. Växa Formulations, unlike other products, are preserved in their natural biochemical structure, already in the form that the body recognizes and easily accepts, even if the body’s metabolism has been inhibited by other dysfunction and is compromised by a faulty digestive system. Växa Formulations, too, unlike other products, have all the necessary metabolites (catalytic vitamins and minerals), in their correct proportions, to ensure optimal “biological availability” of the amino acids and herbal extracts to the body. This way, all Växa’s Homeopathic Medicines, amino acids, herbal extracts and vitamins and minerals are nearly perfectly assimilated. Nutraceuticals are so easy to digest that you can take them on an empty stomach for optimal, quick assimilation.

    Växa Homeopathic Nutraceutical formulas are encapsulated in gelatin capsules for quick (20 min.) disintegration. Most other competitors don’t bother to go to this expense - their pills in the “caplet,” or heat-compacted, form are cheaper to produce. These methods of manufacturing are indeed cheaper, but they actually destroy the structure of the amino acid itself, changing it from its purest, most unadulterated form, while making it impossible to assimilate.

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    What Is Homeopathy? What Is Homeopathy?

      Homeopathy - A therapeutic system of medicine that is based on the principle of similars- like cures like - which means that a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person. Homeopathy aims to aid and stimulate the body's own defense and immune processes. Homeopathic medicines are derived from a variety of plants, animal materials and minerals. These medicines are prescribed to fit each individual's needs, given in much smaller and less toxic doses than traditional medications, and are used for both prevention and treatment. Established 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahneman, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the second largest therapeutic system in the world.

    The word Homeopathy (or Homoeopathy) is derived from the Greek words homoios, meaning like or similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease.

    Homeopathy is a system of medical therapeutics for treating people and animals on the basis of the principle of "similae" or "simile." The great homeopathic principle is (in Latin) "Similia similibus curentur," meaning "Let like be treated by like." Indeed, Homeopathy finds its first roots recorded in the writings of Hippocrates (c.470-400 bc), the "Father of Medicine," wherein he espoused that healing is found in the methods of "contraries" and "similars." Hippocrates wrote that "Disease is eliminated through remedies able to produce similar symptoms." These ideas were later rediscovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) a medical physician who, through a process of experimental and scientific discovery, largely developed what Homeopathic medicine is today.

    Indeed, Hahnemann demonstrated that homeopathic principles of simile and potency could cure typhoid and cholera exceptionally better than the conventional medicine of his day (Cholera and typhoid were then epidemic in Europe because of 3 major wars, namely, the Seven Years' War, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars). Hahnemann himself healed 180 cases of typhus with only one fatality. And one of his pupils lost only six cholera patients among 154 treated, whereas in the same town, of the 1500 patients treated by orthodox methods, 55% (825 people) died.

    Later, in 1854 in Britain, a cholera epidemic was stopped in Homeopathic hospitals with only a 16.4% death rate compared to that of a 51.8% death rate at other hospitals practicing conventional medicine. Homeopathic medicine and the principle of simile was protected by law by the British Parliament, and later protected by the United States Congress as a practical and legitimate method of medical practice. Today, unlike nutritional substances, Homeopathic substances are considered medicines, recognized as powerful entities which allow specific medical claims to be made about them.

    The Similae Principle - The Basis of Homeopathy:
    The principle of "Similae" or simile is the principle that certain substances (herbs, minerals, inorganic salts and other organic materials, etc.) in full strength yield the same symptoms as does a known disease, and that those same substances when "potentised" (or diluted and vigorously agitated or "succussed") can provide relief of those same symptoms. Titrated dilutions and succussions of a particular substance can often be the means to bring relief from diseases which cause the same symptomology as that which the identical substance in full strength causes (be it herb, mineral or other organic material).

    To give an example of the simile principle, the effects of peeling an onion are very similar to the symptoms of acute coryza (flu-type cold). And
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