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Is Nutritional Supplementation Necessary For Healing And Health? Yes! A well controlled study performed at the Shriners Burn Trauma Center at the University of Cincinnati Medical School demonstrated conclusively, that burn trauma victims (children experiencing severe burns over 60% of their bodies) fared far better when given extra nutritional supplementation over and above the normal "well balanced diet" generally prescribed by practitioners.(2)100% of those children receiving the extra supplementation lived, whereas tragically, 44% died of those children who were given the regular, traditional, medically and so called nutritionally balanced diet alone. The scientists stated that, "to our knowledge, this is the first controlled study to demonstrate what has been suspected and accepted for some time, that nutritional intervention improves survival... It may well be that fortification of the diet with still greater quantities of protein or with selected amino acids may further improve these variables." (3)

If A Medically Controlled Diet Is Insufficient, What About The Average American Diet? It's worse! Authorities now agree that the average American diet no longer provides the needed nutrition for a foundation of good health.(17) Half of all foods eaten in America are overly processed convenience foods known to have little if any nutrient value.(15,16) Forty percent of middle class American children are severely malnourished, and adults fare far worse, upwards to 90%.(17) Both children and adults choose to eat for taste, cost and convenience. Coffee, white bread and sugar are the most popular, most consumed foods; adults consume mostly white bread and crackers.(3,4)

Aren't We Assured Of Getting Our Nutritional Needs Met By Getting All The RDI's? No, not at all! And even if you think you're getting all your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI's), the RDI's are really only "guesstimates of unknown reliability" as admitted by one Harvard Professor who sits on the esteemed blue-ribbon panel of RDI scientists who originally established and defined for us the whole concept of RDI's.(10) Moreover, the RDI board readily admits its values are not meant to create "optimal health," in that the RDI's are only the suggested "minimum " or "adequate" daily requirements, or that which provides for "normal" health in most people, not the "optimum."(13,14)

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